Seventh and eighth grade social studies is a two year course of study in American History.  Students experience many opportunities to improve writing, reading, research, geography, computer and study skills while learning about our nation's history.  Students are involved in a variety of activities to help them achieve academic progress and success.


Unit 1 - The Global Heritage of the American People Prior to 1500

    History and the Social Sciences : The Study of of People

    Geographic Factors Influence Culture

    Iroquoian and Algonquin Civilizations on the Atlantic Coast of North America

    European Conceptions of the World in 1500

Unit 2 - European Exploration and Colonization of the Americas

    European Exploration and Settlement

    Colonial Settlement : Geographic, Political and Economic Factors

    Life in Colonial Communities

Unit 3 - A Nation is Created

    Background and Causes of the American Revolution

    The Shift from Protest to Separation

    Early Attempts to Govern the Newly Independent States

    Military and Political Aspects of the Revolution

    Economic, Political and Social Changes Brought About by the American Revolution

Unit 4 - Experiments in Government

    The Articles of the Confederation and the Critical Period

    The New York State Constitution of 1777

    The Writing, Structure and Adoption of the United States Constitution

Unit 5 - Life in the New Nation

    New Government in Operation

    The Age of Jackson

    The Age of Homespun : 1790-1860's

Unit 6 - Division and Reunion

    Underlying Causes of the Civil War

    The Civil War Breaks Out

    Results of the Civil War

Unit 7 - An Industrial Society

    The Maturing of an Industrial Society in the Second Half of the 19th Century

    Changes in the Social Structure Altered the American Scene

    The Progressive Movement : 1900-1920 : Efforts to "Reform the New Society

Unit 8 - The United States as an Independent Nation in an Increasingly Interdependent Nation

    The United States Expands Its Overseas Empire

    The United States Begins to take a Role in Global Politics

Unit 9 - The United States Between the Wars

    The "Roaring Twenties" Reflected the Spirit of the Postwar Period

    The Great Depression

Unit 10 - The United States Assumes Worldwide Responsibilities

    World War II

    The United States in the Post-World War II World

    The United States in a World of Turmoil

Unit 11 - The Changing Nature of the American People from World War II to the Present

    An Age of Prosperity Characterized the Postwar Society

    Post Industrial Society Ushers in the Age of Limits

    The Americas Move Toward the 21st Century

Unit 12 - Citizenship in Today's World

    Citizenship in the United States

    Citizenship in State and Local Government

    Comparative Citizenship