Parent-Education Seminars
Sponsored by the Great Neck Board of Education

The Great Neck Public Schools offers a series of free seminars for parents of school-age children that is sponsored by the Great Neck Board of Education and provided as a public service to the community through the Adult Program. The seminars, first offered during the 2001-2002 school year, are the outgrowth of parental requests and the fulfillment of a Board of Education goal.

The Parent-Education Seminars are organized developmentally, and are intended to promote positive communication between parents and children, as well as to strengthen the positive relationship between families and schools. The faculty consists of district psychologists and social workers, who lead the seminars and engage the audience in discussion, questions and answers, and role-playing in a freindly, informal setting.

Seminar Offerings - To Be Announced

Board of Education
Barbara Berkowitz, President
Fran Langsner, Vice President
Donald L. Ashkenase
Lawrence R. Gross
Susan Miner Healy