Great Neck Public Schools

School Notification System

The ParentLink School Notification System is available for free to all district parents and guardians. This secure Web site enables you to update your personal contact information such as work phone, cell phone, text-message address, and e-mail address, and schedule each method of contact to receive school district messages in the most convenient way for you. It also stores a history of messages you've received in text and audio format. Read this letter describing the launch of ParentLink, follow these directions, see below for more details, or contact us for account information or if you have any questions.


ParentLink is a communications tool that leverages the Internet and Voice Over IP technology to enable the Great Neck Public Schools to contact you with important announcements. With ParentLink, we can send a message by voice, text, or e-mail to thousands of parents in a very short period of time. Initially, we will limit our use of the system to emergency or urgent messages but the system can also allow parents to received automated attendance messages and subscribe to announcement groups in order to receive information about more routine matters such as school news or athletic team updates.


Parent Involvement and the Home-School Connection

ParentLink improves the home-school connection by keeping parents informed in the event of an emergency or another important school announcement.


Key Features

* Receive more timely and accurate information from the school district.

* Receive phone calls, text messages or e-mails at home, at work, or on your cell.

* Update your own contact information and schedule each type of device for your own personal convenience.

* Capable of sending messages recorded by district staff in their own voice, or converting text into speech.

* Capable of sending messages in languages other than English.

* Eliminates the need for maintaining the older and less than reliable snow-day telephone chains.

* Reduces cost for paper, postage, ink, and labor by diminishing the need to send paper documents home to parents.

* Web-based interfaces makes the system more user-friendly and provides a history of previous messages in text and audio formats.

* Robust reporting features to track messages and identify bad numbers to improve message delivery.