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Dictionaries, Thesauri, Quotationas, etc. Encyclopedias, Almanacs, etc Citation and Grammatical Styles
Yellow & White Pages College, Financial Aid, Grants, & Career Guides Travel, Geography, & Maps
Periodical Databases Time, Calendars, Weather, & Temperature Reference & Research Sites
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Dictionaries, Thesauri, etc.

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Encyclopedias, Almanacs, etc.

Citation and Grammatical Style

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Yellow & White pages

College, Financial Aid, & Career Guides

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Travel, Geography, & Maps

Periodical databases

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Time, Weather, & Temperature

Reference and Research sites

  • iTools - provides keyword searching utilizing different "iTools". The site is broken down by search method: search tools (web search, web directory, discussion groups, and people search), language tools (dictionary, word lookup, computer terms, text translator, and a web page translator), research tools (encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines, topic guides, biographies, quotations, and telephone area codes), financial tools (convert currency), map tools (maps and driving directions), and Internet tools (user networking).
  • Library Spot - enables user to quickly find the best topical information available on the Internet. An editorial team hand-selects and reviews web sites "for their exceptional quality, content and utility."
  • MarcoPolo - standards-based Internet content for the K-12 teacher. MarcoPolo includes panel-reviewed links to top sites in many disciplines, professionally developed lesson plans, classroom activities and materials to help with daily classroom planning, and powerful search engines (modeled after standard classroom textbooks).
  • Refdesk - a searchable index of quality Internet sites organized in a topical manner - largely consisting of traditional reference information (calendars, encyclopedias, almanacs, phone books, etc.).
  • - a giant online reference library - "all the reference books that you'd expect to find in any good reference library." Xrefer's books are from the world's leading reference publishers and include encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations, and a range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy and literature to law. Search by word.
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Acronyms and Abbreviations


Prizes & Awards

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