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Principal's Message

February 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

 I hope you and your family enjoyed yesterday's snow day.  Hopefully this will be the last big blast that Mother Nature sends us this winter!

Schools are complex organizations.  Many different individuals serve student needs in a variety of capacities.  Often, when a question arises, parents are unsure as to whom to call to have their questions answered.  If a parent has a question about homework, tests, quizzes, assignments, grades, or any aspect of classroom life, parents are strongly advised to call the teacher first!  In the majority of cases, conversations between parents and teachers resolve most questions.  If you have a question concerning your child’s adjustment to school, issues regarding friendships or peer pressures, or general academic adjustment concerns, please call your child’s counselor.  Questions regarding school behavior/consequences and or buses should be directed to the deans or to the assistant principals.  Questions regarding curriculum, budget, and staffing, should be directed to the principal.


To assist you in expediting communication, the following is a list of the new telephone numbers here at South Middle School:


              Principal – Dr. James Welsch – 441-4600

              Assistant Principal –Brian McConaghy– 441-4600

              Assistant Principal – Dr. Gina Cartolano – 441-4600

              Deans’ Office – Ms. Karla Krupala -- 4604

              Counselors’ Office – Grade 8 -- Mrs. Gerstein – 441-4621

                                               Grade 6 – Mr. Nadherny – 441-4622

                                               Grade 7 -- Ms. Chase – 441-4623

              Main Office – 441-4600

              Art Department – 441-4640

              Computer Department – 441-4642

              English Department – 441-4644

              Health Education Department – 441-4647

              Home and Careers Department – 441-4646

              World Language Department – 441-4648

              Library – 441-4649

              Math Department – 441-4649

              Music Department – 441-4651

              Nurse’s Office – 441-4610

              Physical Education Department – 441-4652

              Psychologists – 441-4636 (Dr. Rolih); 441-4635 (Dr. Erstein)

              Reading Department – 441-4653           

              Science Department – 441-4654

              Social Studies Department – 441-4655

              Social Worker – 441-441-4637

              Special Education Department – 441-4656

              Technology Department – 441-4659


I hope you find this information helpful.  Thank you for your continued support of our school and for sending such wonderful students to us each day! 



James R. Welsch, Ed. D.









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