2014-15 Executive Board

Kuniko Langel

Executive Vice Presidents
Tammy Blancher
Joanne Chan

VP Communications
Meewon Choung

Vice Presidents
Randi Alwadish
Michelle Hung Balkcom
Laura Becker
Ray Beckett
Lisa Carbone
Lisa Goodwin
Lian Hou
Tiana Manfred
Ianthe Murad
Lorin Ugolini

Mindi Parrott

Recording Secretaries
Miriam Kobliner
Sabiha Syed

Corresponding Secretary
Wenhui Fan

UPTC Delegates
Judy Liman
Yong Luo
Jill Madenberg

Member at Large
Vicki Vlantis

Shared Decision Making Parent Chair
Randi Alwadish

SEPTA Delegates
Maxine Ahmed
Stacey Khan






Welcome to the GNSMS PTA!

Have a Voice in Your Child's Education!

3/23/15: Speak out against Governor Cuomo's reforms and support our educators! Click here for more information and to sign an important petition.

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Upcoming Events

"Understanding Mental Illness:
An Evening with Hakeem Rahim"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 8pm-9pm
South Middle School
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