2013-14 Executive Board

Vicki Vlantis

Executive Vice Presidents
Lisa Carbone
Tiana Manfred

VP Communications
Kuniko Langel

Vice Presidents
Michelle Hung Balkcom
Laura Becker
Ray Beckett
Joanne Chan
Lisa Goodwin
Lian Hou
Miriam Kobliner
Sarah Moss
Julia Paek
Lorin Ugolini

Debbie Volk

Corresponding Secretary
Jane Tucker

Recording Secretary
Debbie Bernstein

UPTC Delegates
Tammy Blancher
Judy Liman
Jill Madenberg
Barbara Sperling

Mindi Parrott

Shared Decision Making
Jennifer Fazzini

A strong PTA membership is a valuable resource that helps to start and maintain programs to enrich our children and our school. Some of the benefits generated by your contributions include:

  • Materials and equipment for classrooms such as SMARTBOARDS and computers
  • 2 Greenhouses so classes can grow vegetables and herbs and do experiments
  • After-school and cultural enrichment programs
  • School wide assembly programs highlighting character education issues
  • Support of student government activities
  • Beautification of the school property
  • Cultural Heritage Celebration
  • Funds for special needs programs
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Art shows, Spring Concerts and Foreign Language Week event prizes
  • Author visits

Volunteers are always needed to assist in many PTA related activities, such as the Book Fair, Staff Luncheon and the Cultural Heritage Celebration. Please see Sign-Up Forms on the right. We welcome your participation, comments or concerns. Contact us at PTASouthMiddle@gmail.com