2015-16 Executive Board

Kuniko Langel

Executive Vice Presidents
Lian Hou
Sabiha Syed

VP Communications
Meewon Choung

Vice Presidents
Randi Alwadish
Michelle Hung Balkcom
Laura Becker
Ray Beckett
Lisa Carbone
Joanne Chan
Lisa Goodwin
Niki Hou
Jennifer Kim
Korina Lau
Tiana Manfred
Ianthe Murad
Louisa Zeppieri

Debbie Volk

Recording Secretaries
Debbie Bernstein
Miriam Kobliner

Corresponding Secretary
Lorin Ugolini

Multilingual Coordinators
Sheena Chiang
Wenhui Fan

UPTC Delegates
Andrea-Marie Jerome
Jill Madenberg
JJ Zhang

SEPTA Delegate
Rachel Ehrlich

SDMC Parent Chair
Julie Agris



Welcome to the SMS PTA!

  1. PAY YOUR PTA DUES ONLINE: A strong PTA membership helps provide programs and resources that benefit our children and school. Watch the slideshow above to see some of the benefits generated by your contributions. Click the “Pay PTA Dues” button above or mail a check, payable to “South Middle School PTA”, to the address above.
  2. ONLINE CALENDAR: All SMS events, meetings and school holidays are now online and can be synced or downloaded straight to your phone, tablet or computer. Click the “Calendar” button above.
  3. GET INVOLVED: Help with school events; be a Bi-Lingual Translator; join Shared Decision Making, SEPTA or UPTC committees. Your involvement is vital in supporting our school, district and the diversity of our community. Information and online sign-up can be found under “Get Involved”.
  4. PTA NEWSLETTER: Stay informed about your child’s team, special areas, clubs and school events. Read the latest Newsletter here.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact us at ptasouthmiddle@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your support of our PTA!